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Bakers of Danbury Sponsor Danbury Ridge Wildlife Conservation

This year marks the 140th anniversary for Bakers of Danbury. Having been based on Eves Corner all of that time, Bakers are not only an important part of the history of Danbury, but also part of the village and the local community’s future. With that in mind, Bakers of Danbury were pleased to make a contribution to Essex Wildlife Trust’s current Danbury Ridge Living Landscape partnership project, to help conserve local wildlife.

Bakers of Danbury have been an “Investor in Wildlife Corporate Member” with the Essex Wildlife Trust nearly 20 years and work in partnership with the Trust whenever the opportunity arises. Support from Corporate members such as Bakers of Danbury is vital in enabling Essex Wildlife Trust to carry out Wildlife Conservation work across the County. Together with Bakers of Danbury; other local businesses have contributed towards the Danbury Ridge Living Landscape hedgerow planting project to help make it happen.

A survey was carried out by volunteers and co-ordinated by the Danbury Ridge Living Landscape partnership (which includes bodies such as Essex Wildlife Trust, Danbury Parish Council, Little Baddow Parish Council, Essex County Council, National Trust, Chelmsford City Council and British Naturalists’ Association) to identify the potential planting sites throughout Danbury Ridge Living Landscape. Following this, a dedicated team of volunteers will start planting a kilometre of native species hedgerow throughout the Danbury Ridge Living Landscape area this month.

If you would like to offer your time to help with the planting or make a contribution, please do not hesitate to call Emma Ormond, Living Landscapes Coordinator for Essex Wildlife Trust on 07912 267319.