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Failure of foundation system, Bishop Stortford

Value = £27,000

Location = Bishop Stortford, Essex

Client = Cunningham Lindsey - Zurich Building Guarantee

Summary = Installation of temp staircase at first floor level to maintain access to 8 No flats, following the failure of foundation system supporting a doorway brick pier. Works required, installation of new foundation, rebuild of brick pier and installation of lintels and 2 new door units and later reinstatement of temporary doorway at first floor level

Beal Academy, Essex

Value = £65,000

Location = Beal Academy, Essex

Summary = Following a flash flood, external drainage works were undertaken before the replacement of performance flooring to the sports hall. Works involved the removal of the existing parquet flooring, supply and installation of platon sheet surface membrane system with lapped and welded seams, before installation of the new flooring (Premier Plus Area Elastic Sprung Floor System). System finished in Sport Linoluem with one colour throughout. Total thickness 35mm. Markings included badminton, basketball, volleyball and netball.

Storm Damage, Essex

Value = £2,700

Location = Ingatestone, Essex

Overview/Summary = Works undertaken directly for Insurer following storm damage, Bat survey undertaken as a live colony of pipistrelle bats within loft space , works undertaken to allow colony to continue to roost and scaffold erected to allow for bat flight paths. Working in conjunction with Asbestos removal contractor and roofing teams.