Spire and Masonry Repairs Completed at Essex Church

Church: St Mary with St Leonard Church
Location: Broomfield, Essex
Works carried out: Roof repairs. Masonry repairs, Repointing. Flint work

The Restoration Project

Under the project management of Adrian Ward, the Bakers of Danbury team carried out the extensive repairs required to restore this beautiful church in Broomfield, Essex.

The spire was in a poor state of repair whereby the shakes (wooden tiles) on the spire had significantly deteriorated. Ongoing damage from wood peckers and squirrels had also affected the structural integrity of the supporting frame. The flint stone tower was also suffering from water penetration with weakened masonry and cracking.

The old and damaged shakes were removed and new shakes which were crafted from hard and durable high quality oak were installed. The spire structure was reinforced using stainless steel strips which were laid between the layers of the shakes. This was important not only from a structural point of view but to also future proof the spire from the risk of damage from woodpeckers and squirrels.

Repointing and masonry repairs were carried out to the flint stone tower to repair and prevent any further damage from weathering and water penetration. The finishing touch was the reguilding and the repair of the weather-vane providing the final touch to this church renovation.

The scaffolding has now been removed unveiling the repaired church and its magnificent restoration.

The Church Department

The Church Department are based at Danbury, Essex and operate throughout Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Kent and Hertfordshire working to restore some of the finest churches in the area.

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