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Essential Repairs for the Danbury Pond Duck House

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Essential Repairs for the Danbury Pond Duck House

November 27, 2023 Rachel Finlay Comments Off

Bakers of Danbury are currently undertaking essential repairs to the Danbury Duck House following its recent removal from the pond.

It will be back on the water soon!

Recent cleaning of the pond damaged the ties that were supporting the duck house and as the pond refilled with the change of season and rainy weather, the lack of supports caused the duck house to sink.

We hope to have the duck house back in its rightful position in time for Christmas and certainly in plenty of time for early spring when the ducks will be looking for their new nesting sites. 

Did you know...

The duck house was made by the Bakers joinery team back in 2019 with the original design taking inspiration from the Danbury Parish Church of St John the Baptist.  

The duck house sits on metal stilts with the wooden legs sitting above the water level to prevent the wood from sitting in the water and rotting.  The duck house was painted to include details such as a mallard duck and detailed stone quoins, very much like those on St Johns. 

It has two nesting boxes with a door for each box found at either end of the house. Each nesting box has a floating ramp leading from the house into the water. 

Only the very best for our lovely Danbury ducks!