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Work Experience Placement

Builders Danbury Chelmsford work experience placement

Work Experience Placement

July 8, 2021 Rachel Finlay Comments Off

Alex Bishop, a year 12 student from a high school in Chelmsford has joined our Church Department this week to gain some work experience. Alex contacted Bakers to ask for a work experience placement, hoping to gain an insight into building and restoration. Alex is studying A Levels in Product Design, Business Studies and Media.

Alex is shadowing our Contract Managers Monday to Friday this week. During his first two days of work experience, Alex has already visited our restoration project at St John the Baptist Church in Royston which was devastated by a fire back in 2018, a re-ordering project at Christ Church in North Finchley, learnt about the lath and plaster repair works taking place at St Peter and St Paul’s church in Shorne, Kent and attended a prestart meeting at Bruce Castle in London.

Alex said; “I’m keen on gaining some practical work experience in building and restoration, because I am interested in it and do product design in school which is similar, and I enjoy it a lot.
My work experience with Bakers this week has shown me just how many people and companies are involved in one building project. I also didn’t realise how much planning goes into what they have to do!”

Alex has been helping the church department by making a list of materials needed for a forthcoming project. This list will be used by the Contract Manager and Site staff as a quick guide reference when looking at what materials are needed. From the list Alex is creating, the Contract Manager can quickly identify what is needed on the project and then refer to the drawings to calculate the quantities before placing orders. To extract the information he needs to compile the list, Alex is reading through the schedule of works for that project.