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House Fire, Romford Essex

Overview/Summary = Bakers of Danbury recently carried out refurbishment after a property in Romford suffered a house fire

Value = £63,000

Location = Romford, Essex

This enquiry was surveyor lead and had to be completed as soon as possible to get the family out of temporary accommodation and back into their own house. This was necessary due to the policy holder's son being disabled.

The property was partially stripped out due to asbestos contamination and all contents had been cleared. Bakers of Danbury carried out a complete rewire to the entire 4 bedroom property, re-plaster and and redecoration including new ceilings.

The existing bathroom and w/c were cleaned and re-grouted. Bakers of Danbury rebuilt half of the staircase after it had partially collapsed and carried out repairs to the existing wood wall panelling. The central heating system was recommissioned and the radiators were replaced. All joinery was carried out by Bakers of Danbury which included skirts, architrave and internal wooden doors and frames. The floor coverings were replaced with click in laminate

Apartment Fire, Thames Gateway

Overview/Summary = Bakers of Danbury recently carried out refurbishment to a 14th floor apartment in the Thames Gateway area which suffered significant damage in a fire

Value = £38,000

Location = Thames Gateway District

Bakers of Danbury worked with Peabody Trust regarding the specifications as the apartment was owned by the housing association.

After asbestos had been removed, Bakers of Danbury carried out a strip out. The apartment was completely rewired. A new water feed and plumbing system was installed, which included a new gas central heating system with radiators and water tank. The original warm air system was disconnected.

The entire apartment was re-plastered and decorated. The kitchen was refitted with new appliances and the bathroom suite was cleaned and re-tiled. New floor coverings were installed throughout the apartment.

House Fire, Clacton Essex

Overview/Summary = Bakers of Danbury recently carried out refurbishment after a property in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex suffered significant damage in a house fire which started in the kitchen

Value = £40,000

Location = Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

After Bakers of Danbury took the enquiry from the Insurance Loss Adjuster on a Friday afternoon, they arranged for an electrician to visit the property within hours, to install a new fuse board in the garage so that the filter for the koi pond could be turned back on.

Immediately after the fire, the property was stripped out and decontamination works were carried out. Bakers later fully decorated throughout the property as it had suffered smoke damage in every room.

Existing asbestos was removed. All floor coverings throughout the property were replaced. The lining wallpaper was removed from all three bedrooms, hallway and landing, and the walls were re-plastered and decorated. The tiled bathroom was cleaned. The whole property was rewired and in the kitchen some elements of plumbing was necessary. The kitchen was redecorated, re-tiled in part and new appliances were installed.