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House Fire, Romford Essex

Overview/Summary = Bakers of Danbury recently carried out refurbishment after a property in Romford suffered a house fire

Value = £63,000

Location = Romford, Essex

This enquiry was surveyor lead and had to be completed as soon as possible to get the family out of temporary accommodation and back into their own house. This was necessary due to the policy holder's son being disabled.

The property was partially stripped out due to asbestos contamination and all contents had been cleared. Bakers of Danbury carried out a complete rewire to the entire 4 bedroom property, re-plaster and and redecoration including new ceilings.

The existing bathroom and w/c were cleaned and re-grouted. Bakers of Danbury rebuilt half of the staircase after it had partially collapsed and carried out repairs to the existing wood wall panelling. The central heating system was recommissioned and the radiators were replaced. All joinery was carried out by Bakers of Danbury which included skirts, architrave and internal wooden doors and frames. The floor coverings were replaced with click in laminate

Apartment Fire, Thames Gateway

Overview/Summary = Bakers of Danbury recently carried out refurbishment to a 14th floor apartment in the Thames Gateway area which suffered significant damage in a fire

Value = £38,000

Location = Thames Gateway District

Bakers of Danbury worked with Peabody Trust regarding the specifications as the apartment was owned by the housing association.

After asbestos had been removed, Bakers of Danbury carried out a strip out. The apartment was completely rewired. A new water feed and plumbing system was installed, which included a new gas central heating system with radiators and water tank. The original warm air system was disconnected.

The entire apartment was re-plastered and decorated. The kitchen was refitted with new appliances and the bathroom suite was cleaned and re-tiled. New floor coverings were installed throughout the apartment.

House Fire, Clacton Essex

Overview/Summary = Bakers of Danbury recently carried out refurbishment after a property in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex suffered significant damage in a house fire which started in the kitchen

Value = £40,000

Location = Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

After Bakers of Danbury took the enquiry from the Insurance Loss Adjuster on a Friday afternoon, they arranged for an electrician to visit the property within hours, to install a new fuse board in the garage so that the filter for the koi pond could be turned back on.

Immediately after the fire, the property was stripped out and decontamination works were carried out. Bakers later fully decorated throughout the property as it had suffered smoke damage in every room.

Existing asbestos was removed. All floor coverings throughout the property were replaced. The lining wallpaper was removed from all three bedrooms, hallway and landing, and the walls were re-plastered and decorated. The tiled bathroom was cleaned. The whole property was rewired and in the kitchen some elements of plumbing was necessary. The kitchen was redecorated, re-tiled in part and new appliances were installed.

Fire Station Classroom Refurbishment

Summary = Fire Station Classroom Refurbishment

Client = Essex Fire and Rescue Services

Value = £116,000

Location = Witham, Essex

Challenge = Bakers of Danbury recently carried out a refurbishment at Witham Fire Station which included two classrooms and an office. Chrysotile asbestos was removed from the ceilings of the classrooms before works began.

Works included a full redecoration, new suspended ceilings, new electrics, air conditioning, new doors, joinery and carpets throughout.

Bakers Training Programme Featured in Stone Specialist Mag

The Stone Specialist Magazine has featured an article about the our new 18-month, externally accredited site-based Heritage Building Crafts training programme, which is a one of a kind. In that article, Stone Specialist states that Bakers of Danbury is well known in the heritage sector for the carving and stone cleaning skills of its stonemasons, as well as its wider conservation work.

We are looking for new trainees to join our 18 month Heritage Building Training Programme. During which they will be working for Bakers of Danbury 5 days a week, working closely with their assigned Mentor who will be an experienced and skilled craftsman.

Throughout the training programme, the trainees will be working closely with their Mentor to achieve an NVQ Level 2 in stone masonry preservation skills, together with a programme of accredited heritage building modules which will cover lime plastering, carpentry repairs and other skills necessary to carry out conservation and repair works to churches and ancient monuments.

The Trainees will carry out a variety of conservation and restoration projects on churches, cathedrals and ancient buildings and will cover all learning and assessments onsite. At the end of the training programme they will become qualified and skilled Heritage Building Craftsmen and with the opportunity for subsequent training and internal promotion.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

stone specialist magazine

Bakers Featured in Listed Heritage Mag

Listed Heritage, the membership journal of the Listed Property Owners’ Club has featured one of Bakers of Danbury’s latest projects in its latest magazine.

The November/ December 2021 issue of the Listed Heritage looks at the interesting conservation project recently carried out by Bakers of Danbury Ltd, which involved stone conservation on a private property in Royston. Works included replacement stone quoins, window jambs, surrounds, lintels and window sills where the existing stone had deteriorated beyond repair.

To ensure the new replacement stone matched the existing, Collins and Curtis Masonry Ltd carefully selected Tottenhoe Clunch directly from the quarry and Bakers’ craftsmen measured and made templates of the individual stones which needed to be replaced.

You can find on page 98 by clicking here.

King John School, Benfleet

Summary = A school refurbishment and new build classroom extension at The King John School and Sixth Form

Value = £1,448,000

Location = Benfleet, Essex

Challenge = The new extension was an infill within an existing courtyard where there was previously a swimming pool, so the challenge was digging the foundations and laying the concrete in the limited space available.

Solution = The 42 week refurbishment and new build extension project consisted of two phases with individual projection completion and sign off dates for handover. Both phases were completed to deadline and within contract sum.

Phase one was handed over at the end of August 2021, ready for the new academic year. Works consisted of the refurbishment of the dining hall, lobby, corridors, foyer rooms and two maths classrooms. Inlay grid system suspended ceilings were installed to replace the existing ceilings. The partition walls installed included a 92mm c-section metal stud partition with 100mm insulation inside, 18mm ply and two layers of 12.5mm sound block plasterboard, finished with a plaster skim and decoration. New dado trunking, doors and skirting were installed together with new electrics and data throughout. New carpet tiles were laid within the two maths classrooms and vinyl flooring was installed to the dining hall, foyer and corridors.

Phase two was handed over in time for the second half of the Autumn Term (1st November 2021). Works consisted of the newly constructed infill extension constructed out of metal stud partition (including external walls). It consisted of two drama studios and two additional classrooms. Phase two also involved the full redecoration of three meeting rooms. The two new classrooms and three meeting rooms had carpet tiles laid to match the existing and new vinyl flooring was laid within the two drama studios. Inlay grid system ceilings were installed to the new extension and meeting rooms and plasterboard MF suspended ceilings were installed within the two drama studios.

A full design and build M&E package worth £400,000 included mechanical heat recovery units throughout, air conditioning units installed in the dining hall, new electrics, data and socket points, fire alarm and security alarm upgrade.

To prevent the risk of spreading Covid-19, Bakers implemented a risk assessment to ensure social distancing and other measures were implemented . Throughout the project, monthly progress review meetings have been taking place remotely with Bakers' Contract Manager and Site Manager, Architect, Zenith Multi Academy Trust and the school.

The final cost of the project was within the contract sum.

Grays Convent School, Thurrock

Summary = The creation of a single classroom extension adjacent to a previous extension, connected to the existing building.

Value = £200,000

Location = Thurrock, Essex

Challenge = Works had to take place without disrupting the school, its pupils and local residents.

Solution = As principal contractor Bakers of Danbury recently completed a new build extension to provide a new classroom extension to Grays Convent School. The single classroom extension was constructed from a block and brick, with a warm deck flat roof. External Comar aluminum windows and doors were installed to the new build and fire rated doors were installed internally.

The existing classroom eternal door provided a doorway access from the new build classroom to the existing building. The M&E package included electrical lighting, small power and new radiators. Externally, the tarmac was made good around the edge of the building.

As works took place in a live school, deliveries were limited to designated times out of school pick-up, drop-off and breaks. All deliveries had to ring ahead to the Site Manager before arriving. Upon arrival, all deliveries were escorted by a trained banksman, gaining access to site via a side entrance to the school. The whole site including the site compound was securely fenced off from the live school and the general public.

Progress meetings took place once a week and were attended by representatives from Thurrock Council, Munday and Cramer, Bakers of Danbury and occasionally Grays Convent School. In addition to progress review meetings, the Site Manager regularly liaised with the school, in particular the school's caretaker with regards to access and planning works around school activities.

The site was monitored at all times by Bakers of Danbury's Site Manager and inspections were carried out by Bakers' external health and safety consultant Eastern Builders Safety Group to ensure the site complied with health and safety legislation.

The new build classroom extension was completed ahead of the deadline (January 2020) and to budget.

Benyon Primary School, Thurrock

Summary = A new build school extension comprising of six classrooms including alteration and refurbishment works within the existing school, and extensive hard landscaping to extend the car park and playground.

Value = £1,730,000

Location = Thurrock, Essex

Challenge = Due to the National Lockdown which was put place to stop the spread of covid-19; it was decided to reprogram the project, after close consultation with the school and Thurrock council.

Solution = The new build school extension provided six new classrooms, which were handed over to the school to occupy, whilst Bakers refurbished four existing classrooms. The extension was mainly single storey, with a high roof where it extends the existing main hall. The extension had a block and beam floor and a hollowcore plank roof, finished with Sarnafill which is a single ply roofing membrane for flat roof waterproofing. Refurbishment works currently taking place include the main hall, corridors, staffroom, reception and administration areas. The project is set to meet its deadline of the 31st December 2020.

Some existing windows and doors were refurbished, together with new windows and DF30 and DF60 fire rated doors installed. An external automatic fire door was installed to the main hall to provide an exit to outside. Joinery works include a new reception desk with an oak and glazed glass reception screen. New timber glazed screens were manufactured and installed within the reception and the main hall. New door linings and frames in soft wood were manufactured and installed to the reception area and the new extension.

Temporary works included installing a hardcore lane, leading from the existing school gate within the school field to the site compound, all of which were securely fenced off from the school field and playground. As the only entrance is off Tyson Place, all parking and deliveries took place during designated times out of school pick-up, drop-off and breaks. To help manage this, deliveries had to call the site office before arrival.

The existing car park was extended to provide extra hard surface parking spaces and modifications made to collect surface water from the car park. The existing playground was remodelled and resurfaced as well as extended to provide a new playground. New rainwater goods were installed to the extension, and modifications to the foul and service water made to the existing building. Landscaping is programmed to take place during the October half term. A new canopy is currently being constructed to the main entrance, with a block column, roof joists and cladded in traspar cladding to match exiting cladding throughout the school. Bakers are currently constructing a metal cycle shelter which was manufactured offsite, to be later constructed onsite and fixed on a concrete base.

As the project was considered as essential works, it continued throughout the National lockdown. Although works were carried out whilst the school was closed, Bakers had to ensure that the school remained fully functioning because for many months, it was not clear as to when the school will reopen. After consulting the school and Thurrock Council, it was agreed that Bakers would bring forward the refurbishment and alteration works to the corridors, main hall and the new car park extension, which were originally programmed to take place during school holidays.

To continue works during the lockdown Bakers implemented a new risk assessment to ensure social distancing and other measures were introduced to prevent the risk of spread of Covid-19 amongst everyone working on the project. Throughout the project, monthly progress review meetings have been taking place remotely with Bakers' Contract Manager and Site Manager, Architect, Thurrock Council and the school.

It has been extremely important that Bakers works closely with the school to manage access and safety issues, particularly when carrying out refurbishment works to within the school after the students returned after lockdown. The site is always monitored by the Site Manager and inspections carried out by our external health and safety consultant to ensure we comply with health and safety legislation.

Subsidence Damage, Leigh on Sea Essex

Value = £160,000

Location = Leigh on Sea, Essex

Summary = To repair this property after it had suffered from subsidence. Subsidence repairs included the removal of render and installed expanded metal lathe repairs throughout every room within the property.

The porch doors and main entry door were renewed with new doors manufactured by Bakers of Danburys' inhouse joinery workshop. All ironmongery for both doors were preserved and refitted to the new doors. The glazing was also removed from the existing and installed into the new doors.

All rooms were redecorated including repairs and painting. Subsidence repairs were carried out to the front elevation external render in addition to repairs to the bay window.